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Annoucement  jointly made by the Turkish Armenian Orthodox, Catolic and Protestant Churches and Communities on January 30, 2001.

Compare this with present overseas smearing campaigns!




The 90-person strong civilian council representing Armenian Apostolic Orthodoxy,  Armenian Catholicos and Armenian Protestants, all of whom live in Turkey, have met on January 30th 2001 at the Bezcian Hall of the Armenian Patriarchy in Istanbul under the leadership of the Patriarch Mesrob II of the Turkish Armenians together with the National Ecumenical Assembly members, and after discussing the subject matter in depth, have finalized and submitted the following statement to the attention of the public at large throughout the world.

1.Members of the French National Assembly, both while discussing the tragic events of 1915 which should really have been done by the historians, not by the politicians and  in various  individual expressions and conversations, have made statements that may raise serious questions and concerns about the wellbeing of the Armenians residing in Turkey as citizens.

2.As detailed in the earlier announcement made by us, the Armenians living in Turkey have no individual economical, judiciary and social problems and concerns in general and enjoy full religious freedom in particular. Some community-related concerns, as there would be in any community,  have been brought up to the attention of the highest level officials of the State by our representatives and the resolution of the concerns are being expected. The proper political chamber where the problems and concerns of the Turkish Armenian citizens, just like any Turkish citizen, to be discussed and resolved,  is located in Ankara and is called Turkish National Assembly.  The political behavior on this matter of the certain foreign parliaments, as if they are the sponsors and protectors of the Turkish Armenians, is being viewed by us as unnecessary and irresponsible. In accordance with the terms of the Lausanne Agreement, the Turkish Armenians today enjoy their lives fully and honorably with their 540 years old Patriarchy, 2 hospitals, 57 churches, 58 social foundations, 18 schools, 25 choirs, 17 social associations/clubs, 2 sportive clubs, 3 newspapers and 5 magazines.

3.In order to realize certain international strategies, the interventions committed by certain foreign parliaments in the internal affairs of Turkey worries and concerns us as well as every single citizen with whom we share the same fate and hopes of our country.  We ask that the subject foreign parliaments and governments should really put a stop to this unacceptable attitude.


Mesrob II, The Patriarch of Istanbul,

Bishop Aram Atesian, Chief of Ecumenical Assembly

Senior Bishop Sahan Sivacian,  Deputy Patriarch  and

Signatures and stamps of the Church Leaders and Representatives of the Foundation Board of Directors ( Available upon Request )



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