One can discern, off and on, some effort on the part of some Armenian authors and their close supporters to associate the notorious Jewish Holocaust of the Nazi period (1933-45) with Armenian-Turkish relations during the First World War (1914-18).

There are sweeping generalizations stating that unfortunately there had been "no Nuremberg"

(Nürnberg) for the defeated Ottomans in 1918. There are even attempts to lump together Fascist Germany, the United States, Israel, South Africa, Britain, El Salvador, Guatemala and Kampuchea under the collective heading of "genocide".

While the latter source makes an unqualified, onesided and highly objectionable generalization o the Ottoman Empire in just two sentences in the whole book, another source draws paralellels between the Armenians, Jew, Bangladeshis and the Hutu. There also exist, largely Amenian- inspired, outright comparisons of the Armenian and the Jewis caes.

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